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SHANGHAI SUNTECH AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is a technology company,specialized in developing and producing glass industrial automation equipment,and undertaking various automation systems engineering.We have professional teams in the field of mechanical, electrical,hydraulic and gas technique. Our products can be used in various production areas for enterprises, instead of some high labor intensity and labor intensive mode of production to improve the degree of automation,reduce labor costs, decrease labor intensity and create more economic benefits.

Glass machinery is our main product,its production condition is relatively difficult,such as high temperature, noisy, high labor intensity. We devote ourselves to research and develop glass machines,continuously improve equipment automation degree and decrease the workforces.According to different products and production processes, we can design and make dedicated equipment to satisfy different needs of customers.

With professional technical team, digital production system, and the use of international first-line brand automationcomponents, we can guarantee our equipment get ahead in the suitability of the glass process and stability and advancement of facility. Especially in the whole glass production line, we have more advantages.

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